Mousharaka | Icograda Design Week in Qatar

VCUQatar through its teaching, research and service embraces its cross-cultural circumstance of being an American university in Qatar. 

VCUQatar serves as a  model for the experi- mentation and integration of new technologies, traditional practices and interdisciplinary approaches to foster innovative, sustainable, ethical and meaningful development of design practice in Qatar and around the world. VCUQatar was the first American university invited to Education City by the Qatar Foundation.

Qatar has a rich and vibrant history. Throughout the centuries, the fishing and pearl trades have established Qatar as an important port in the Gulf region. With the expansion and growth of its oil and gas industries, the port and the country stride into modernization. This beautiful country is bearing witness to amazing growth with superb examples of architecture, both contemporary and traditional, against a backdrop of natural desert landscapes. Qatar is leading the region in education, research and development.

VCUQatarDowntown Doha

the theme for Icograda Design Week in Qatar means Collaboration. Collaboration is a combined effort resulting in the deepening of relationships and shared knowledge. Design is now considered a team endeavor where collaboration is crucial to achieve innovative results inclusive of cultures and mediums. Designers are crossing boundaries and are participating in creative interdisciplinary teams addressing broad issues of communication, space, systems thinking, cultural identity, style and business. Designers have become instrumental in affecting change on a global level.

Mousharaka | Icograda Design Week in Qatar will bring together practitioners, scholars, and students across design disciplines, cultures and regions to build bridges, raise awareness of the importance and promise of collaboration, and create bonds necessary to achieve the full potential of design in the Gulf region.

Mousharaka | Icograda Design Week in Qatar will be composed of two parts:
the Education Symposium and the Professional Conference.

The Education Symposium
provides opportunities for educators to share research, pedagogy, and new thinking on the theme of collaboration; students will engage in two-day design workshops culminating in an exhibition of the best work.

The Professional Conference will present 4 keynote speakers and 8 prominent presenters who will share their perspectives on design and design collaborations. There will be many opportunities to engage in conversation during networking lunches and breaks with all speakers, participants and attendees.

Mousharaka will also launch Design Debate Doha—an opportunity for the design community to address an important global design issue in debate form.

      The audience will decide!

      This house believes that…
      Globalization harmfully subverts culturally unique sensibilities

Mousharaka | Icograda Design Week in Qatar will take advantage of the interesting venues that Doha has to offer. VCUQatar, with its state-of-the-art facilities will serve as the main site for the conference. There will also be events in Souk Waqif (a traditional bazaar), museums and select outdoor venues.